03.09.11- 25.09.11


To celebrate a successful year of showcasing
 great contemporary jewellers, we are holding
a month long exhibition this September.

Elisabeth Teah-Wilson

Intricate and colourful, Elisabeth's jewellery is constructed using elegant bead-work techniques.

Vicky Davies

Inspired by the symbolic and vintage, Vicky creates narrative fashion jewellery.

Myia Bonner

By reworking the image of the diamond in precious metal Myia creates iconoclastic fashion led jewellery.

Shimell and Madden

Exploring themes of science, nature and time, Shimell and Madden design and make graphic, geometrical jewellery.  

Linnie McLarty

Sensitive to material and form, Linnie handworks her jewellery to create organic, structural pieces.

Himalayan Jewellery

Beautiful mosaic and silver jewellery designed and hand-made by deaf young women and trafficking survivors in Nepal. These workshops were established as part of the charity, The Esther Benjamins Trust.

Anna Lovell

Using buttons from the forties, fifties and sixties Anna hand makes one-off pieces alongside her signature sterling silver collections.