RARE BEAUTY                               4th - 30th October 2013

An original cocktail of stunning jewellery by award winning designers from Flux Studios


Vicky Forrester 

Inspired by organic structures, Vicky Forrester combines the inherent qualities of her materials with innovative techniques to produce wearable precious forms that delight the senses. 


Yuki Sasakura Assiter

Yuki Sasakura Assiter draws inspiration from her travels, surroundings and some positive events in her life. She creates unique jewellery by exploring innovative techniques, unusual materials and textures.


Becky Dockree

Becky Dockree’s signature etched designs are taken from her own paintings to display a collision of pattern and form. The intricate designs draw people in, with each piece interpreted in a different way, with a different story to be told.


Barbora Rybarova

Barbora is fascinated by the raw forms of gemstones, which she incorporates into her innovative designs, creating sculptural jewellery that celebrates the crude beauty of nature.


Claire Hart Design

Claire's collections come from her first hand encounters with rural Chinese minority culture, offering a subtle fusion of Oriental and Western design.


Alex Yule

Alex Yule draws inspiration from her former influences and appreciation of natural forms, creating delicate silver and gold jewellery with attractive oxidized and enamel surface finishes.


Flux Studios