Anna Lovell Jewellery &         

5th May - 1st July 2012

Vicky Davies Jewellery

Following the success of their Pop Up shop in May 2011, jewellers Vicky Davies and Anna Lovell are bringing their latest jewellery collections to NumberNinetyFour.

Vicky Davies draws inspiration from antique and ethnic jewellery, reworking eternal themes of love and luck into her modern designs – stacking heart rings, treasure chest and keys, hearts and arrows are worked in silver and gold, with precious and semi-precious stones featuring in spinning orb pendants. Vicky will be showing her latest collection ‘Druzy’ featuring platinum and 24ct gold-coated agate stone rings and pendants.


Anna Lovell works mainly in silver and her love of vintage features strongly in much of her work as she refashions delightfully retro beads and buttons from the ‘50s and ‘60s into stylish pendants and bracelets. Her ‘Dice’ collection brings a wonderful sense of fun to earrings and necklaces, while the ‘60s can be detected in the shapes used in her latest collection 'Mod'.  For ‘Leaf’, Anna fashions recycled silver into simple yet beautiful designs.