Clare de la Torre Jewellery                                 

2nd - 24th November 2013                     

Clare de la Torre’s lovely jewellery is 
made of gold or silver, sometimes with 
semi-precious beads. She enjoys the 
application of surface textures, liberating 
her from the ‘tyranny’ of highly polished 
metals, her object being to design 
comfortable, long-lasting jewellery that is 
ageless, understated and yet distinctive.


Anna Lovell works mainly in silver and 
her love of vintage style features strongly 
in much of her work as she re-fashions 
delightfully retro beads and buttons from 
the ‘50s and ‘60s into exclusive eclectic 
pendants and charm bracelets. 


Russell Ackerman-Callow of London 
Timepiece, has been providing customers 
with period clocks, all restored by him, for 
20 years. Each clock has a replaced 
mechanism, giving worry-free reliability with authentic style and a high standard of finish.